100 auditions later 8/23/2019

the code of uncertainty 9/9/2019

What sweeter music 9/28 & 10/6/2019

10-day artist challenge 12/14/2019

War Letters: 1918 3/17/1918-2020


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War Letters from the end of the "Great War" 3/17/1918—3/17/2020


While preparing props to use in the “In Flanders Fields” one-man show, I found on eBay a stash of twenty World War I era letters for a very reasonable price. I thought they'd be the perfect thing for stage dressing, and also to get an idea of the penmanship of the era, since I was going to be hand-writing the letters I'd actually be reading from in the performance, shown at left along with some of the vintage books of poetry.


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10 day artist challenge—or my so-called career so far 12/14/19


The directive was: Every day, select an image from a day in the life of a Performer/Artist—a photo from a day you felt fierce or a memorable moment you've had during a performance/show, and post it without a single explanation, then nominate somebody to take the challenge. Thats 10 days, 10 Performance photos, 10 nominations and 0 explanations. Be active, be positive, be passionate. . . Raise Awareness of the Arts.


The hardest part of the 10 Day challenge for me was the inability to comment on the pictures as I posted them. But fear not, I will more than make up for that in this post.


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What sweeter music. . .Leo Nestor 9/28 & 10/6/19


Sunday afternoon, September 22, many of my dearest friends and musical colleagues and I learned of the death of Dr. Leo Cornelius Nestor. The obituary gives scant idea of the depth and breadth of his influence. When I find something more inclusive online I will post that.


“Nestorianism” is defined as the doctrine that there were two separate persons, one human and one divine, in the incarnate Christ. I won’t get into the theological niceties of Nestorianism, but the duality concept strikes me as somehow apt for our dear Leo.


Not all of the following pairs of things represent exact opposites of each other, but they still stand in opposition to each other in some ways: The Shrine Choir v. The American Repertory Singers; Dr. Nestor, the Conductor (and later, Professor) v. Leo Nestor the Composer; and last, but not least, Leo, the Caring Friend and Companion v. Nestor the Impossible-to-please Perfectionist. To complicate these pairings, it must be said that the last two components often were elements in most of the others.


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the code of uncertainty 9/9/19


No, that’s not a typo in the title of this post, but a lame pun. Our recent road trip away from our South Florida home, quickly planned and initiated of necessity before Hurricane Dorian made up his mind on where to wreak havoc, coincided with my increasingly-frustrating attempts to bypass the limits of the free, web-based Website Builder that comes with the hosting package.


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100 auditions later. . . 8/23/19


When I began trying to break into the business of voice acting (or maybe that’s “voice-acting”) in early 2018, after getting my basic equipment set up (that will be another blog post) I started auditioning for titles that interested me on the Audiobook Creation Exchange website (ACX.com). ACX is where the rights-holders of books—typically the authors—look for someone to narrate their audiobooks.


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