Sunday, March 17, 1918


The detailed recounting of routine daily events--such as every item on the menu for Sunday dinner, and the fact that he considered combing his hair after his shower--reminds me of the letters my mother and her sisters wrote each other. He's so enthusiastic about the food that in this one letter he tells his mother twice that he thinks he'll get fat.







[Stamped] Mar 19 1918

 March 17, 1918

 Somewhere in San Pedro


Dear Mother:-


Well it is Sunday morning and as we don’t have much to do to day I’ll try and write a little.

There was over two hundred that came in yesterday and almost that many ordered for Monday, I don’t think I’ll be in the detention camp over a week but you can’t tell but believe me they are moving them fast, many are going to New York.

I slept fine last night had two warm blankets. I stood out on the breakwater last night after supper and watched the sun set, turned in about 8 P.M. I get all of my uniforms tomorrow. I am a fine looking guy bald headed but it feels fine, if I do look like a monkey. I sure am lost without a watch.

We had a good supper last night and then we had a fellow play the Piano in the mess hall, some time in camp and I think I’ll like it an other fellow and I trucked big boxes from the warehouse to the Y.M.C.A. yesterday and when we got thru I came over to our camp and took a cold shower and believe me I felt like a King. We had a egg and some beans, a grape fruit and a cup of coffee, bread and butter for our Sunday breakfast. I think I’ll get fat here.

I sure enjoy Mary’s sweater and think of her every time I put it on believe me I have some friends but I’ll only write to you while I am in this camp and you can tell the girls and fellows I sent my love to all of them.

Tell Emma I can’t use the comb and hair brush yet but I’ll use it latter and believe me I can’t thank her enough for the kit.

 4 hours Later.

They called “all Hands on deck” so I had to run to the Quarter-deck and we went out on the field and had a lecture for about an hour, after that we had a ball game and I umpired, didn’t get killed either one fellow said I was sure square with both sides, after that I took a shower and am now trying to use up all the paper. Expect to be called to “mess” any minute.

Tomorrow will be the hard day I guess but I am sure having a good time to day.

When I got out of the shower I started to comb my hair but I changed my mind and will wait a little.

Tell Gladys I’ll eat some of her candy after my Sunday dinner, I had some of it after Breakfast and it sure hits the write place here and we go light in the sugar.

Back again, say we sure had some Sunday dinner, Bean Soup, Roast Pork, Spuds and dressing, Tea and Blackberry pudding for desert.

I know I’ll get fat. Well Mother dear I am going out and play a little ball. Give my love to all the Folks. Tell Louie hello.


With Love,



[at top left margin of first page:]

P.S. Will write to rest Later, but Mother first.


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