Monday, May 6, 1918


Harold is anxiously awaiting a package his mother has sent him, but has received a box from Emma. I can't help but wonder what his mother will think about the “two nice Los Angeles girls” he is seeing every night that he can!










May 6, 1918

 Bremerton Wash.


My darling Mother: -

Well as yet I haven’t received your package but hope I get it soon.

I think we leave here to morrow for Seattle and take on more stores and then we go for the north. The mail man went to Seattle this morning for all the mail and I hope he brings your package.

I received a nice box of candy and gum from Emma this morning and also a box of sox cigars cigarettes, paper, gum, stamps and candy from sister.

I received the money all O.K. and was sure glad to get it but I didn’t want to run you short. I paid the $10.00 that I owed and then went to Seattle last night and sure had a good time as it may be my last good time for a while.

I was with two nice Los Angeles girls last night and we went to the dance and Fox Trotted all night. I’ll bet we danced fifty miles with a speed of eighty miles per hour. Her name is Mary Mathison.

Well mother if I get ashore before we go I’ll wire you when we leave and as I must drop sis and Emma letter I’ll drop this for now as I only got three hours sleep last night.

Peggy and I went to Woodland park yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and it is a national forest and park saw two ball games and then had supper and then took the two girls to the dance.

I meet them every night that I have liberty as they are very nice girls.

Well Mother I will write when ever I get a chance and hope every thing goes all right at home as I may be back in two month and then again it might take eight months but I have a feeling we will be back soon.

Give my love and best regards to all even the fellows at the yard office.

With all my love and best regards to my dear Mother Grandmother and Gertrude.


I never felt better in my life and am gaining all the time and sure enjoy the life.

Your last letter sure cheered me up and I am happy because you are. You know me Al.



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