Friday, November 1, 1918


Quite a contrast to the long letter of July 18, this two-pager was hurried so a comrade going ashore could mail it for Harold. But he's going to make up for the brevity of this one by writing several letters in the first week of November, 1918.













 Nov. 1, 1918

San Pedro, Calif 2:30 P.

Mr. Thompson who is taking the Captains place is letting four married men go ashore to-night so I went down and asked him if I could go home and see my mother and he said that he would try and let me go ashore to-morrow night with three other L.A. fellows.

 So I hope I’ll see you to-morrow night but don’t count in it.

 Harry Platt is going in to see his wife so I will let him mail this in Los.

 I wrung my hammock up on deck last night right over the railing and if my lashings had broke I would have picked myself up in the water but nothing happened as I woke up this morning feeling fine.

 The launch takes the fellow in at 3 P.M. so I’ll have to make this short.

 I may not have a chance to write again to-night but will if I can think of any news so don’t worry if I miss a day.

 I received your letter this morning and was sure glad to get it, let me know when sis will be there and I’ll try to come home if possible.

 Will close for now but hope to see you soon, write often as ossible.

  With oceans of Love

  Harold W. Lampshire.






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