Friday, November 29, 1918


Harold tells his mother about spending Thanksgiving Day with Aunt Bird, and looks forward to being home for Christmas. He doesn't mention Armistice Day, which ended the war earlier in the month.












Nov 29th 1819 6P.M.

 Mare Island



My Darling Mother: -


I sure have been busy since we pulled in here but will do the best I can.

We pulled into dry dock the 26th and now we are high and dry again.

Day before yesterday Aunt Bird called me up on the phone (oh yes we have a phone on board) and wanted me to spend Thanksgiving with them so I left the ship at 8am yesterday morning and got into Sacramento at 11 am. They sure was glad to see me and we had a twenty nine course dinner, some turkey. We were at the table just two hours. I got to go in the Capital Bldg and it is great. We went to a show that night. I took a hot bath at midnight and turned in and slept until 7:30 am. Caught the train at 8:15 this morning and was back on board at 11 am. I sure had a swell trip but my money is “hay wire” and I’ll have to stay on board after to-morrow’s liberty. I have a date with a very cute little girl in Frisco for Sat. night and we will take a show in. I have seen three shows already. I received your letter this morning with the check. We get a dollar every month we are in the service so that is what that is for and that was a life saver.

I weigh 151 now so I am gaining again.

This is the first letter I have mailed for a long time as I go on liberty one night and then turn in early the next night on board and get caught up on my sleep.

Aunt Bird sent a wire to you yesterday and wanted you to get it at the dinner table and I hope you did. I will be home Xmas and New Years so we should [not] worry, will make up for lost time. I can beat the hell out of Sis in that time so tell her to wait for her dear little Bub. We should be in Pedro by then but we have a lot of work to do, believe me we are working now and it keeps me busy telling the gobs what to do next but we are getting along fine.

I have five more letters to write before eight o’clock as I am going to turn in early so give my love to all the folks.

With all my love to

My darling Mother and Sister

As Ever

Harold Lampshire

U.S.S. Unalga C.G.











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