Monday, November 4, 1918


Harold is very concerned by the news that his mother would really like him to visit her. This is in light of the increased number of Flu cases, and the fact that they're going to fumigate the ship.








Nov 4, 1918 4:30 P.M.

At anchor at San Pedro.



My Darling Mother: -

 I didn’t receive a letter from you this morning but I got the books that Grandmother sent.

 I went in to the dock this afternoon in the launch and I saw Baker, he told me that you wanted me to come home if possible and I asked if you were sick and he said I don’t think so and then he said come home if possible, well I haven’t the least chance in the world to get home and then I started in to worry. I thought of all kinds of things at once and my knees got weak and I almost fell off the launch. Well in our next trip in to the landing I started to call you up at Mrs. Denis but when I started over, one of the officers told me that Unalga men weren’t allowed past the landing so you see how we are fixed so please write and let me know how every thing is at home, if you are sick, write and let me know as I’d get ashore if I have to swim in.

 They took four more men over to the Isolation camp this morning and five came back from over there.

 They are going to fumigate the ship to-morrow.

 Yesterday afternoon 4 of us went sailing and we had the time of our life..

This afternoon we ran the launch up in to the landing in Pedro and we went ashore in our dungarees and bought soap cigars and fruit but we had to look out for gold braids.

 Well Mother I am feeling fine and don't worry about me as I think there is 10 of us on board that haven't had the Flu yet..

 Will close for now with Love to all

  Harold Lampshire




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