Wednesday, November 6, 1918


Harold and his shipmates enjoyed sleeping on the roof of a warehouse; he refers to their "picnic on the gardenless roof garden."  But now their Captain has also come down with the Flu, and he asks, "my God when is this thing going to stop?"










Nov 6, 1918 2 P.M

On Board the Launch

My Darling Mother: -

We sure had a picnic up on the gardenless roof garden last night. Another fellow and I carried out two of the fellows in stretchers just before turning in as they were very sick.

We just took the Captain into the dock and came back and took another sick fellow over, my God when is this thing going to stop.

I received the cigaretts and was very glad to get them, I can tell you but I am out of tobacco for our pipe and Prince Albert is right. I got your letter with the stamps in and now I can give the “Waterman” hell.

Gee I wish I had some news, all I can tell you I how much I miss you and you know that.

The submarines are all out for a spin today and one just went by.

One of the coxswains was taken sick last night so I run the launch myself all day to-morrow up to 10 P.M.

The cot that I slept on last night sure was fine and I got a good nights rest but it was very cold.

I wrote a long letter to sis and mailed it this morning but I mailed yours last night.

I was very sorry to hear that Emma and her sister were down sick and I want you to help them if you can as they are two mighty fine girls and I never can repay them for what they have done for me.

Well Mother Dear I think I will try and write the Lindsley’s and one to Emma so will try and have more news for you to-morrow.

With all my Love as Ever.

 Harold Lampshire


7:30 P.M.

Same Day and place

Well Mother I was at the table eating supper and one of the fellows handed me two letter that he just brought out one from Sis and one from you, I stopped eating and read your letter thru, it sure was a life saver.

I am out of stamps and cigaretts and outside of that I am in perfect health. Ha Ha. No chance to get either.

I guess we will lay here for some time now as we are short handed, I’ll say we are as I have been in the launch all day and now I go on watch from 8 to 10 to-night.

Sure was glad to get your letter and I am happy now even if we are quarantined and anchored out in the drink, as long as you are well I am all OK.

Will close now

With all my Love

as Ever

“Mutt” Lampshire






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