Thursday, November 7, 1918


“We got word this noon that peace was declared and I hope it is so.”










Nov 7, 1918 1:30 P.M

My Darling Mother: -                                   On Board the Launch

Well I am running the launch to-day as I am taking one of the coxswain’s place that is sick. My first trip in was at 1 P.M. and I took the Captain in, that’s a good way to start. I made a good landing and he told me to return to the ship so here I am waiting to make my next trip.

We got word this noon that peace was declared and I hope it is so. We are laying out along side the ship now.

I guess we are due to make another trip to Alaska about April or May but maybe I can get out of the service before then. I didn’t get any mail this morning but may get some this afternoon. I wrote a long letter to Gladys Lindsley last night and one to Emma, I always try to get yours off in the afternoon but gee it is hard to write with no news. All I want is to get home and I guess in about six or eight months more I’ll be able to stay home for good so let’s look to the future now. I can stand it if you can as I am well taken care of so don’t worry about me.

I just got back from another trip, took one fellow in with the flu and brought back three from the camp that are all o.k. now so now things should change a little as they will be coming back now every day.

As for myself, I never felt better in my life.

They sure tooted the whistles here in Pedro when they got the word of “Peace” and all the fellows in the camps threw their hats up in the air and run around like mad.

I am in for six months after the war but I could by myself out.

Well Mother Dear give my love and best regards to all the folks as I think I’ll stop for now and I hope I get a letter from you this afternoon so will close for now.

With Oceans of Love

As Ever

Harold Lampshire.

P.S. I would call you up over long distance once in a while but I can’t leave the dock on account of being quarantined so you see it isn’t my fault.







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