Saturday, November 9

Harold writes his mother of the death of a shipmate and fellow Los Angeles man from the flu. But new cases seem to have stopped, so they may have shore liberty soon.









Nov 9, 1918 8:30 a.m.

 San Pedro, Calif.

My Darling Mother: -

 I started a letter to you last night and I started to come down in the launch this morning and I lost tablet, letter and all so will have to start all over again.

We got word last night that one of the fellows from our ship died with the flu, his name is Roy Matz and a hell of a nice fellow and I sure hated to hear the news. He was a Los Angeles fellow. When we had semaphore drill he would always want to talk to me. He would say How would you like to be laying on the sand at Venice or else tell me about the girl he was engaged to. It sure was a shock to me.

Well we brought two fellow back on board from the camp last night and no one has got sick in the last four days so we should get liberty soon. We may pull out for San Diego the 13th and then again we may not.

Well Mother I sure am poor with the news but I have to put down a few lines to let you know how I am. I just put in a dollar for flowers for Matz. They have over $50.00 now so that should buy a good floral piece.

How is Emma and her sister getting along, I haven’t heard from her for two days now so please let me know how they are getting along.

Well Mother we may sail down to Long Beach to-morrow (Sunday) but I am not sure of it yet. Can you beat such a life, never sure of anything.

I know of one thing that I am sure of and that is, I sure did enjoy your box of goodies and only wish I had more candy and more notes from the girls.

I am writing this down in the launch and some oil got on the paper so please excuse.

It is now almost 11 am so I must quit for now and get washed up for dinner so will mail this, this afternoon.

Tell all the folks hello for me and tell them I’ll be home soon.

With Love to all

and Oceans of Love to my

Darling Mother

As Ever

Harold Lampshire









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