Sing for Ukraine

Below are links to the YouTube videos that will help us put together this virtual ensemble. I hope to put together a how-to video in a few days, but I wanted to get this out there so people can start submitting videos. Instrumentalists are welcome as well as singers. Please just play or sing one of the parts in the score linked to below.

Once we’ve got enough musicians for each part I hope to publish a preliminary YouTube video, including links to charities. But I’ll continue to accept video submissions and add them to the project.

Above all, let’s remember that we’re doing this to show our support for the suffering people of Ukraine. Do your best with pronouncing the Ukrainian and singing or playing your part, but don’t obsess about getting a perfect take. My experience has been that things generally won’t improve after a third take. There will–I hope–be a lot of us, so any minor discrepancies of pronunciation or intonation will be rendered inaudible by our unanimity of intention.

Familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of the words (1), and then listen to your voice part (2, 3, 4, or 5) and the “karaoke” video (6) until you’re comfortable.

Please feel free to record and submit more than one part, if you’re so inclined; the ranges of the vocal parts aren’t that wide. If you’d like to record with family or friends in an ensemble, that’s fine, too. I can adjust.

If you’d prefer to have a paper or PDF of the score in your hands while singing, you can download it here.

[If you’re able to donate something more than your time and considerable talent, check out this link with a list of charities.]

  1. How to pronounce the text of the Ukrainian National Anthem.
  2. Listen to the soprano part while following the score.
  3. Listen to the alto part with the score.
  4. Listen to the tenor part and follow the score.
  5. Listen to the bass part and follow the score.
  6. Record your video while listening to this “karaoke” video. Ideally, you should do the recording with your phone or other device held horizontally (or landscape mode).
  7. Please name your video so it includes your full name.
  8. Send me an email using the form below (so I know you’re not a bot!), and I’ll send you the link where you can upload your video. Please include your name as you’d like it to appear under your video in the YouTube video perhaps in the end credits.