It's all about communicating the text.


When I am portraying an operatic role or a chorus part, performing a role in a musical, or singing sacred solo or choral music, German Lieder, French chanson, English or American art song, one of my two primary goals is to express the meaning of the words the librettist, lyricist, playwright or poet has written, words that inspired the composer to write music to carry them. The other goal is to sing that music in the most [beautifully] expressive way I can.


Similarly, when I am recording a catchy slogan for a television ad, a voiceover for a training video or online service, or an audiobook of epic length, I have only the text to inspire and guide me. The absence of music usually gives me more liberty to decide things like pacing and flow, although the rights-holder—often the author—will have some input. My latest audiobook to be published was very much an enjoyable collaboration with the author, and even resulted in a favorable review in AudioFile Magazine.


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Voice Acting


If you think about it, most of us engage in voice acting practically every day of our lives. We all adopt the voice—or tone of voice—that will best convey our message to the intended audience.


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It has been my great privilege to sing a wide variety of music, in many styles and from many periods of time, over the course of several decades as a professional musician. I have sung mostly in the United States, but also in Italy, Brazil, Japan, and Egypt.


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Books & Letters


This picture shows some of the many treasured books from our family home. My parents always encouraged us to read whatever interested us, and the bookshelves at home reflected the eclectic tastes of a family of five.


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As I was putting together the content for the different pages of this website, I found myself typing much more than most people will typically read these days, at least in what should be just a brief explanation of the different categories.


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